Staff Welfare  

To us at BHP Group, our Staff is one of our most valuable assets thus, are our extended family. We aim to keep our employees' morale and motivation high to retain a contented worker community who prefer to be associated with us, over time.

BHP Group employs over 1000 skilled and semi skilled employees in all of its three factories. Wages are paid in accordance with government legislations and, in addition, outstanding performers are often rewarded.

During festival times, our employees are given the benefits of a ‘Festival Advance’, where funds are paid to employees to celebrate with family and friends. These rewards are calculated according to their attendance and commitment to work.



Quality of Life of Staff is of great importance to us. Factories have comfortable rest rooms and employee housing is provided to those who travel to work from far. Rest rooms and houses are equipped with all amenities, sanitation, electricity and water. Health camps are conducted to sustain a healthy working environment.



Employees working within our premises are included in the factory insurance policy. The insurance policy covers all industrial perils. Our Employment Policy is strictly for persons above 18 years of age.

A shrine room has been built in the Nawalakanda Tea Factory premises to enable employees who wish to observe religious rites before starting their daily activities. As a tradition we organize an annual pirith chanting ceremony for our employees. Throughout the year we also organize many other religious observance activities.

We believe in the adage, “ a healthy body nurtures a healthy mind”. Recreational activities are organized throughout the year in order to relieve industrial fatigue and to promote cordial interaction. Nawalakanda Tea Factory and Wewelkandura Tea Factory have two successful cricket teams who are the undefeated champions and runners up respectively, in the Rathnapura District at the Baurs Inter-Factory Cricket Tournament for the past 5 years.